/ Ramón Gómez

Our guests are specials and we take care of them to make their stay at the hotel wonderful.

/ Katherine Corcho

As a concierge I really enjoy being able to assist our guests, being always able to listen to and guide them with all their needs and concerns, such as restaurant recommendations, activities and attractions in the city.

/ Olga Watts

As a concierge as well as showing the facilities of the hotel and the comfort of their rooms, we invite our guests not to miss the best dining experience going to Alma Restaurant.

/ Gladys Rhenal

Besides enjoying my job as a concierge, always looking for guest satisfaction, every day I learn more from different cultures around the world through our guests.

/ Andrew Díaz

For me it is a pride to be able to tell the story from inside, considering that our hotel is the fusion of three old houses of the XVII century, where you can live and feel the history of our ancestors.